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Eddie Pipkin has 30 years in ministry experience at churches in Georgia and Florida, primarily in the United Methodist Church. His ministry leadership includes stints in youth and children's ministry, creative worship design, outreach and missions, communications, special event coordination, and leadership development. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His original careers were in journalism and teaching at the college level, and he has a Master's Degree in English from the University of Central Florida (with an emphasis in creative writing). He also has worked as an independent editor, and he has an alter-ego known as the Rapping Lamb. He is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman and pie aficionado.

Legacy Ministry

By Eddie Pipkin Does what we build last?  Watching the news from Paris this week was a reminder that even the sturdiest and most meaningful structures are impermanent.  We spend countless hours crafting programs, planning events, writing reports, and sitting in meetings.  We (hopefully) do all that we do with passion and purpose, but how [...]

What’s in Your Pantry?

By Eddie Pipkin Be prepared.  Everybody knows the infamous Scout motto, but sometimes we miss its full meaning.  We embrace the micro-planning part: plan, plan, plan down to the tiniest detail to make sure our events are successful.  But we miss the part where we are comfortable improvising.  Like a good chef, we should be [...]

Front Porch Therapy

By Eddie Pipkin I love reading the Houzz website for the latest in home decorating trends and landscaping.  Anybody reading this who knows me will find this revelation hysterical, because I know absolutely nothing about home decorating, have zero sense of style, and practice a strict laissez-faire attitude in the yard (weeds are people too).  [...]


By Eddie Pipkin Food has been helping me formulate ideas this week. Raw peanuts spaghetti squash, and oyster po'boys have been the pathway to enlightenment.  And I could drop some hints or set up a a couple of brain teasers to let you guess how.  But instead, I'm gong to practice something that is all [...]

Guest Blog: Road to Joy (A New Outlook)

By Tom Acey (Guest Blogger -- an occasional, supplemental blog on living a life of joy) This blog is the sixth in my series entitled “The Road to Joy,” in which I have examined the nature of true joy, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit; in the series we have been looking closely at the steps we required to experience this true joy in our lives. These steps were outlined in the book The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado, and they provide the perfect framework for what I call “awakening the joy within.”  Each of these blogs delves into one of these seven steps.

Boredom, Frustration, and Grudges = Eureka!

By Eddie Pipkin Everybody tries their best to create a workplace atmosphere that resists boredom, frustration, and tension with ministry partners.  But increasingly, those who study creativity and the processes that promote it are reaching the conclusion that some of the very things we think are accomplishment killers may be unexpected catalysts that can propel [...]

Take It Outside

By Eddie Pipkin Spring has arrived . . . at least here in Florida.  We had mid-80s and sunshine last week.  On the other hand, my son is in Boston, and they were under another eight inches of snow, although he did report the daytime temps were in the upper 40s, so he’s happy that [...]

Optimistic Creativity

By Eddie Pipkin A recent special edition of Time Magazine was called “The Art of Optimism.”  In an era of conflict, depressing news, and despair, the magazine’s reporters and editors and interviewed countless artists about how their work keeps them optimistic and collaboratively promotes optimism in others.  Two things stood out to me in reading [...]

Why Performance Reviews Must Die

By Eddie Pipkin Performance reviews!  Everybody loves feedback from the boss (right?).  And everybody loves a little constructive criticism (right?).  There is no shortage of articles about the need for ministry institutions like the local church to embrace the corporate model of regularly scheduled and highly formalized job performance evaluations.  But there is plenty of [...]

The View from the Vestibule

By Eddie Pipkin - When I head home to Georgia, I usually spend Sunday morning at the little country church where I got married 32 years ago.  Like most of us who worship anywhere on a regular basis, even if only occasionally, I have a familiar place where I sit: third row from the back, left side pew, on the aisle in this case.

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