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Eddie Pipkin has 30 years in ministry experience at churches in Georgia and Florida, primarily in the United Methodist Church. His ministry leadership includes stints in youth and children's ministry, creative worship design, outreach and missions, communications, special event coordination, and leadership development. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His original careers were in journalism and teaching at the college level, and he has a Master's Degree in English from the University of Central Florida (with an emphasis in creative writing). He also has worked as an independent editor, and he has an alter-ego known as the Rapping Lamb. He is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman and pie aficionado.


By Eddie Pipkin I generally tune in to the NBA only for the finals, and that was my routine again thisyear, so what a treat it was to watch 26-year-old phenomenon Giannis Antetokounmpo display his awesome talents as he led the underdog Milwaukee Bucks to their first championship since 1971.  The 6’11” Nigerian-Greek MVP’s story [...]

No Perfect Trips

By Eddie Pipkin It had been a few years since I had participated in a legitimate multi-day backpacking trip, so I had to dig deeply in my mental files (and on my garage shelves) to remember exactly what gear to take.  Once you’re miles deep in the woods, it’s too late to pull an extra [...]

Disconnected Delight

By Eddie Pipkin I just wrapped up a backpacking trip in Colorado, and you’ll probably be treated to no less than three blog ideas generated by that little adventure.  It’s spectacular – I recommend it if it’s something you’ve ever thought about doing.  One of the first things I was reminded of as we started [...]

Whimsy Rules

By Eddie Pipkin My stepdad loves a good sunrise at the beach, and he was in town for the 4th, so over we drove to start the day before anybody else had thought about rising.  It was a good one: vibrantly colored and soul-affirming.  It was on the way back to the parking lot, however, [...]

Hurrah for Has-Beens

By Eddie Pipkin It’s Tour de France season, and if you’ve never watched a stage of the world’s most eminent bike race, I highly encourage you to check it out.  It is beautiful pageantry and astonishing athleticism all rolled into one, with plenty of pathos.  So far this year, it has been a crazy progression [...]

Sensible Swag

By Eddie Pipkin I helped out for a morning at VBS this week – and a shout-out to my pals at College Park UMC for a well-run, fully-throttled, highly enthusiastic railway adventure.  I was just dropping in for a one-off in a ‘featured comic role’ at the drama rotation, so I hadn’t been part of [...]

Auscultation for the Soul

By Eddie Pipkin There’s listening, and then there’s listening.  Last week I wrote about the value of listening to voices different from the ones we usually hear, including the need to make time for deep listening as a part of relationship building.  Of course, deep listening – as critical a habit to practice as it [...]

Down the Rabbit Hole

By Eddie Pipkin This, my friends, is the Nissan GT-R Nismo – more accurately, the Nissan GT-R35 Nismo Lego kit.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, welcome to the subject of this week’s blog, not so much the nerdy details of high-performance Japanese sports cars and their plastic-brick-assemble-yourself doppelgangers (although those [...]

Lost in Translation

By Eddie Pipkin My two great-nephews are in town for a visit, and in my official capacity as “fun uncle” (and now fun great-uncle), I decided to take them to a water park.  I haven’t spent a lot of extended time with the greats, so I wasn’t fully up to speed on their specific personality [...]

Here We Go

By Eddie Pipkin Phil and I travel in different circles: I work out of a converted yard tool storage room, a writing recluse, tucked away in my cave of creativity; he travels the country meeting folks face-to-face, feeding off the crowd energy as he leads workshops and training seminars.  During our regular catch-up sessions on [...]

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