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Eddie Pipkin has 30 years in ministry experience at churches in Georgia and Florida, primarily in the United Methodist Church. His ministry leadership includes stints in youth and children's ministry, creative worship design, outreach and missions, communications, special event coordination, and leadership development. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His original careers were in journalism and teaching at the college level, and he has a Master's Degree in English from the University of Central Florida (with an emphasis in creative writing). He also has worked as an independent editor, and he has an alter-ego known as the Rapping Lamb. He is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman and pie aficionado.

Say My Name

By Eddie Pipkin Phil Maynard, our esteemed leader here at Excellence in Ministry Coaching, was recently conducting a workshop at Virginia Beach and had the good fortune to be hosted at The Cavalier, a luxury level, five-star status property, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This famous landmark has hosted seven U.S. Presidents [...]

Making Friends (Part 2)

By Eddie Pipkin Last week I wrote about the need for friendships – now more than ever – and how the local church can be a great way to help people bond in deep relationships.  Of course, neighborhood churches have always been associated with friendships.  Many of us who grew up in the church or [...]

Making Friends

By Eddie Pipkin As we plan fall campus events and outreach efforts, mission projects, and seasonal music productions, let’s not forget one of the core things needed by people who are hurting and seeking connection and meaning in their lives: the power of friendships.  It’s simple; it’s essential; it’s a key component to mental and [...]

The Future of Work

By Eddie Pipkin The BBC has a great website called Worklife 101 that they describe as “a global round-up of the people, ideas, and things at the forefront of the new world of work.”  It emphasizes new technology, new management philosophies, new productivity strategies, and new ways of staying sane while balancing all that.  I [...]

That Ol’ Summer Slump

By Eddie Pipkin After attending a recent mid-summer worship service, I was asked by the pastor-in-charge if I thought the energy in the room felt a little low.  He had been challenged by the obviously substandard turnout and the way it altered the dynamics of the worship setting.  It’s a common challenge for most congregations [...]

Moon Shot

By Eddie Pipkin As we mark the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first steps on the moon, it is a great time to reflect on the power of an unambiguous vision.  Although the U.S. space program had been actively pushing the boundaries of exploration for more than half a decade, when John F. Kennedy delivered his [...]


By Eddie Pipkin It was shortly after my blog from last week landed in my own inbox when I noticed that – in a blog in which I repeatedly mentioned the importance of always having a way for ministry partners to provide perspective and feedback – there was no way for you, dear reader, to [...]

As American As Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

By Eddie Pipkin Richard Montañez’s rise from janitor to respected global food company executive is American as it gets.  He took an idea, backed by hard work and belief, and turned it into an inspirational success story.  Montañez is the genius behind Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and his feel-good tale of triumph is not only a [...]

Unexpected Insight

By Eddie Pipkin Last week, I was is in the small, remote Colorado mountain town of Ouray.  As I wandered the hilly streets one morning just after dawn, I came across a grassy hillside with a boulder at the bottom with a bonze plaque affixed to it.  I had stumbled upon “Lee’s Ski Hill,” a [...]


By Eddie Pipkin Earlier this week, I had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor’s office.  They had been kind enough to squeeze me in for a same-day appointment, but it ended up being the very last slot of the day, and as soon as the front office person had checked me in, she [...]

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