How to Start The Wave

By Eddie Pipkin There was a lot of great football on last weekend, and if you watched any of it while you were digesting all that turkey, at some point you noted a spontaneous, ubiquitous phenomenon familiar to modern sports fans the world over.  It’s called The Wave, and if you’ve ever been to a [...]


By Eddie Pipkin Here we are, arrived at the cusp of the Day of Giving Thanks.  And you’ll be expressing gratitude in all manner of ways for all manner of benefactions.  Gratitude, as I like to say, is the cornerstone of a well-lived life.  But while you’re out there guiding others in gratitude exercises, articulating [...]

When in Hallmark Land

By Eddie Pipkin I was stranded trying to get home this week when my Jeep gave up the ghost in Georgia, where I’d been helping family for a few days.  I was already a day behind schedule, delayed due to wrapping up some promised projects, and I was anxious to get back to Orlando and [...]

Everybody Needs Some LaMelo

by Eddie Pipkin Every organization needs a LaMelo.  If you don’t know what a LaMelo is, read on, dear friend.  But believe me when I say that your life will be richer, your organization freshly empowered, the creative possibilities expanded, and the energy levels amped to 11 if you get some metaphorical LaMelo in your [...]

Church as Extended Family

By Eddie Pipkin Last week, I experienced two different insights into how the church might (or might not) respond to cultural shifts by functioning as an extended family for people who need new ways to connect to others and need support for getting through life’s day-to-day challenges.  One of these moments was reading a long-form [...]

No Virtual Hayrides

By Eddie Pipkin No such thing as a virtual hayride!  I love hayrides -- one of my jobs over the years with the local church at which I was a member was making the hayride happen for the annual Trunk-or-Treat.  There’s just something simple, heartwarming, and fun about piling a bunch of kids onto a [...]

Lead Like Powell

By Eddie Pipkin As a lifelong news junkie and history nerd, I paused this week to consider the life and times of Colin Powell, trailblazer and witness to many of the headline events of my adulthood.  The accolades and remembrances poured in after his death earlier this week, as he was universally regarded not only [...]

Delightfully Unexpected

By Eddie Pipkin On my run last Saturday morning, just as the sun was coming up and just as I rounded the corner from my street to the next, there at the end of a driveway, adjacent to the sidewalk, was an unexpected treat.  A free pineapple!  Not just any old pineapple, but obviously a [...]

Pumpkin Theology

By Eddie Pipkin It’s pumpkin patch season for lots of churches!  Ah, those acres of orange glory, picked over by delirious kids (who insist on only the plumpest pumpkins) and their perfect-photo-seeking parents (who keep asking, “Is this pumpkin really THIS much?).  I worked my first church pumpkin patch in 1987 and have volunteered at [...]

Mixed Messages

By Eddie Pipkin I got a kick out of this sight on the side of the road in my neighborhood.  I mean, what exactly is going on here?  Is somebody throwing away a perfectly good Happy Birthday balloon?  Is there an imminent birthday party that is being obscured by a row of trash cans?  Is [...]

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