by Eddie Pipkin Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Are you a “satisficer” or an “optimizer”?  If you don’t know the difference, this is the blog for you.  And you should know the difference, not only for yourself, but for the people around you.  It’s one of the keys to knowing how to [...]

Summer Purge

by Eddie Pipkin Cleaning: Image by svklimkin from Pixabay It’s pretty common for publications to run an article or two about spring cleaning as the weather warms up.  And just as individual homeowners can benefit from some decluttering and reorganization, institutions like local churches can profit from these good habits as well.  Of [...]

On Fleek Cellies

by Eddie Pipkin Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Everybody loves a celebration.  Or as Gen Z (aka, the tech-savvy ‘Zoomers’) sometimes calls them, cellies.  I was reading an article this week about the profusion of post-home-run celebrations involving physical props in Major League Baseball stadiums this year.  For as long as I can [...]

Waffle House Rules

by Eddie Pipkin Photo by Pipkin I was taking my wife to the airport for an early morning flight, and since it was Saturday, even though it wasn't yet daylight, we decided to honor our weekend diner tradition.  We needed basic breakfast food fast and on our designated route.  So, Waffle House to [...]


by Eddie Pipkin Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay Well, I turned 60 yesterday.  Hopefully, I survived the day. I finished the blog beforehand, so that even if I didn’t make it through the outlandish observance I had planned, you will still have one final blog to remember me by.  More self-aggrandizing details [...]

Too Many Bears

by Eddie Pipkin Image by David Mark from Pixabay I was at a wedding in Tennessee last weekend, in the Great Smoky Mountains to be precise, and if you’ve been blessed to visit that glorious part of the world, you will know that not only is the natural landscape beautiful, but the local [...]

RUD Rules

By Eddie Pipkin Image by Christian Bodhi from Pixabay I’m nerdy enough to have been among the excited online onlookersfor last week’s long-anticipated Starship launch.  Starship is the largest craft ever lifted from the planet’s surface by rocket engines, and it is designed to be fully reusable.  The goal last Thursday morning was [...]

How to Break the Spell

by Eddie Pipkin I was at the awesome new St. Pete Pier last week.  It is a testament to innovative public space planning.  It’s been enthusiastically embraced by the locals and lauded in national travel publications as a cool place to visit – and it is.  It combines fun, whimsy, nature, food, art, architecture, community, [...]

What’s Your Reason?

by Eddie Pipkin Image by mastrminda from Pixabay I was checking off email a couple of weeks ago, and I clicked on an “IKEA Family” message, because I signed up a while back to be a part of the IKEA family, app and all, for the sole purpose of gaining access to a [...]

Demonstrative Disdain

By Eddie Pipkin Image by Marc Pascual from Pixabay I’ve noticed this thing lately.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a pop culture reference, a personal lifestyle option, or a theological difference, it’s not enough for some people to state a preference; they feel a strong desire to express outright disdain for any choice [...]

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