Projection of Enthusiasm

By Eddie Pipkin I was at a race event at Daytona International Speedway last weekend, and I happened to have a pass that allowed me infield access.  Looking up from ground level from some distance away to the enormous grandstands that front the iconic 2.5-mile track, I was astonished to see how many people were [...]

Compendium of Complaints

by Eddie Pipkin Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay Now is about the time when those New Year’s resolutions start wearing off, so if you have any complainers in your circle who swore off that habit for 2023, they should be slipping right about now.  (Such a vow would be undertaken only by [...]

Chatbot or Not

by Eddie Pipkin Image by Monika Grafik from Pixabay Did I even write this paragraph?  If you’re into tech developments, and you’ve been reading the recent articles about ChatGPT, you will already know that maybe I did and maybe I didn't (I did in this case, but somewhere in this week’s blog will [...]

Freshly Minted Mantra

By Eddie Pipkin Image by Pexels from Pixabay Last week I wrote about resolutions, but I left an important one out – which, of course, means that I left last week’s blog entry, you might say … unresolved!  (We shall take a brief pause while you wipe up the coffee you just spewed [...]

I Resolve

By Eddie Pipkin Let’s make some resolutions, kids!  It’s that time of year, and as people of ritual and calendar-based customs, it’s a fine exercise in thoughtful visioning to get on the 2023 resolutions bandwagon.  And I’m not just going to produce a generic ministry resolutions list for next year – oh, no – I’m [...]

The Nice List

by Eddie Pipkin Last Sunday, a week before Christmas, I had the privilege to worship in a little 150-year-old church and hear the cantata performed by a 10-voice choir that brought a warm glow of blessing to my cynical old heart – not because they were a perfect, show-stopping harmony of holiness (they would be [...]

Stocking Stuffers

By Eddie Pipkin Just in time for the final flurries of the holiday gift-giving season, I’m here with a few ideas for stocking stuffers. You know, not the big, boldly boxed and beribboned packages that are bound to steal the headlines, but the funny little treats packed into those colorful holiday socks hanging from the [...]

Not So Simple

By Eddie Pipkin A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the value of keeping things simple.  “If you’re feeling stressed when the calendar is full, pare things down and be a minimalist,” I wrote.  Indeed, as we enter the Christmas season, I am reminded how the essential, basic holiday trimmings and traditions are the [...]

Mandatory Thanksgiving

By Eddie Pipkin Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  It is Turkey Day.  The Official Start of the Holiday Season.  Family Day.  Parade and Football Day.  The National Day of Gratitude (“a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens,” as originally articulated by Abraham Lincoln.  Since this blog [...]

Misfit Power

By Eddie Pipkin Here are two different ways to define the word misfit: 1) a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way; or 2) a deviation or departure from what is normal or expected.  Thus, this term, misfit, might be an excellent choice to describe the person [...]

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