Real Discipleship Survey

The Real Discipleship Survey is an instrument designed to support the development of maturing disciples at both the personal and congregational levels.  It measures the level of maturity in each of six dimensions of discipleship:

  • A Life of Worship
  • A Life of Hospitality
  • A Life Opening to Jesus
  • A Life Obeying Jesus
  • A Life of Service
  • A Life of Generosity









At the personal level, each participant receives a report indicating the level of maturity for each dimension, possible next steps for growth, and suggested resources for personal development.  It is a powerful tool, particularly when used in a discipleship coaching relationship, for supporting the development of growing disciples.

At the church level, each participant receives the report as described previously.  In addition, the church administrator receives a matrix giving the percentage of persons identifying themselves in each of the levels of maturity for each dimension.  This is an invaluable resource for discipleship teams in planning for the support of an intentional discipleship process.









The Real Discipleship Survey is available for individual purchase, congregational purchase, and Conference contracts for system-wide availability. The cost of an individual survey is $4.95.

Individuals and local churches can purchase and take the survey by click here.


Regional Contracts:

Regional contracts are also available for the Real Discipleship Survey. For the price of one person to take the survey, an entire congregations can have access to the survey under regional contracts. The regional portals offer much more advanced statistical analysis and control for entire regions of churches.
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Conference-wide license for the use of the Real Discipleship Survey offered by Excellence in Ministry Coaching.



  • Conference wide access (every member of every congregation) to the on-line version of the Real Discipleship Survey.
  • Each person taking the survey receives immediate feedback through a 15-page report providing:
    • Overview of discipleship including dimensions and phases of development
    • Matrix with self-identified placement on continuum for each dimension of discipleship
    • A two-page summary for each dimension including:
      • Brief description of dimension
      • Personalized placement for that dimension with description
      • Suggested next steps for personal development
      • Suggested resources to support development
  • The Administrator for each church receives access to a summary matrix identifying the percentage of people taking the survey who placed themselves in each of the phases of development for each dimension of discipleship
  • Congregations may identify up to 10 groups to receive a summary matrix (e.g. UMW, Sunday School class)
  • District Administrators receive access to a summary matrix (described above) for the District
  • Conference Administrator receives access to a summary matrix (described above) for the Conference



  • Starts a conversation within the congregation and Annual Conference about intentional discipleship
  • Provides individual insight into level of maturity as a disciple and opportunities for personal development
  • Provides congregational leadership (discipleship team/pastor) specific insight into the identified needs in the discipling process
  • Equips coaches/disciplers with the tools to have significant conversations about continuing growth for individual disciples
  • Encourages congregations to provide intentional relationships and educational support for the development of disciples
  • Moves discipleship from a program emphasis to a process and a clearly defined pathway toward maturity



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