The heart of the matter

We believe that every congregation has the potential to make a Kingdom difference and that every disciple has the potential to grow toward maturity.

What we are missing, in many cases, is a clear pathway toward living into this potential.  Our passion is helping disciples to grow, which inevitably leads the church toward the ability to live into its potential.

There is no greater joy for us than to have a pastor celebrating how God is bringing new life to her ministry or a congregation celebrating having reached a major milestone in its dream.

That is the heart of the matter.

But most important we are all passionate about helping the Church (all tribes) be effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our Methodology

We believe that every congregation is unique and every context is distinct.  There is no one size fits all!

Each relationship with a congregation or a Conference starts with developing an understanding of the needs and goals, context, and current reality.

A variety of resourcing is available based on the discerned needs.  For some, a coaching relationship is the right approach.  For others, specific training may be most helpful.  In some cases, a combination of training and coaching.  Some may be best served by a consulting relationship.  The approach is determined by the needs, not a ‘curriculum’.

A variety of resources have been developed to support local congregations including several books.  Many congregations are finding these a great resource for conversation starters.


What we actually do

We help local churches become more effective