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Eddie Pipkin has 30 years in ministry experience at churches in Georgia and Florida, primarily in the United Methodist Church. His ministry leadership includes stints in youth and children's ministry, creative worship design, outreach and missions, communications, special event coordination, and leadership development. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His original careers were in journalism and teaching at the college level, and he has a Master's Degree in English from the University of Central Florida (with an emphasis in creative writing). He also has worked as an independent editor, and he has an alter-ego known as the Rapping Lamb. He is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman and pie aficionado.

Tip o’ the Capotain

By Eddie Pipkin We here at Excellence in Ministry Coaching wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, no matter how you are celebrating in modified fashion in this strange and awkward year.  We are grateful for your readership and grateful for your partnership in ministry endeavors, and we hope you are having a restful time [...]

Caroling to the Rescue

By Eddie Pipkin We write a lot about new ideas, new technology, and new approaches to leadership and ministry.  We love to talk about shaking up the old ways and flipping old habits topsy-turvy, but sometimes the old thing is born anew, profoundly effective as it is rebranded in a new context.  What seemed quaint [...]

Happy Thanksboosting!

By Eddie Pipkin Hold on to your pilgrim hats, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I always like to write a blog about celebrating gratitude (and I know you’re thankful to hear it).  Oh, sure, you’ll be tipping your hat to gratitude in worship over the next couple of weeks, offering a juicy [...]

Mall Nostalgia

By Eddie Pipkin We love what we know, and the familiar brings comfort.  Nostalgia is a powerful force – embedded in memory and tinged with a sense of “the way things were meant to be” – a gauzy reminiscence of when things seemed simpler and more straightforward, and we seemed more content.  (At least that’s [...]


By Eddie Pipkin If you’re like my friend, Gregg, you might be so caught up in the nonstop news that you missed the fact that there was a World Series this past week.  I love a little post-season baseball, and I’m a fan of those ever-plucky Tampa Bay Rays, so I watched and enjoyed the [...]

Talk to Me

By Eddie Pipkin I came across an article on the Medium website last week that I thought got to the heart of getting to know people.  Its author has discovered “the one perfect question” to ask if you want to find out as much about a person as you can as quickly as possible.  And [...]

Cubbyhole Theology

By Eddie Pipkin Here in Florida we take a good bit of ribbing when fall rolls around.  We get tons of texts from our more northern pals featuring hillsides of vivid leaf color.  I like to counterprogram with featured shots of the more subtle (but still beautiful and inspiring, if less showy) blooms and berries [...]

Masks as Metaphor

By Eddie Pipkin Masks have been in the news a lot.  Wearing them or not wearing them – which early in the pandemic seemed like a straightforward, simple option to maximize protection from the virus – has become one of the most controversial topics of this election cycle.  It’s a strange and unexpected development, this [...]

Wedding Lessons

By Eddie Pipkin My son got married last weekend.  It was a beautiful day, an event they will remember for a lifetime.  But it wasn’t the day they envisioned when they were in the midst of planning seven months ago.  He and his fiancée had been putting together a wedding for 150 people for well [...]

Zoom Master

By Eddie Pipkin Last week we took a look at the different strategies involved in successfully leading virtual gatherings (and how the skill set for leading virtually can be different than the skill set for leading in person).  This week we’ll continue that discussion with a focus, not on overall strategy, but on specific tips [...]

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