By Eddie Pipkin

Merry post-Christmas from the gang at EMC3!  We hope your holidays have been glorious, blessed with the joy of work well done, and we trust that you’re enjoying a well-earned rest.  I’ve written a little poem for your amusement, titled “’Twas the Day After Christmas,” and we’ve also included a couple of additional lighthearted links.  Nothing too taxing as you look back on the accomplishments of the past year (and dare we say decade?) and look forward to what’s coming next in the year (and decade!) ahead.

First of all, the poem we promised, in honor of you all and the many hours of faithful service once again completed as the Christmas season draws to a close: ‘Twas the Day After Christmas”:

‘Twas the day after Christmas,

And in the church house,

Not a noise to be heard,

Not even a mouse.

The preacher was conked out,

Exhausted completely,

While the Music Director

Snored in tune, softly, sweetly.

The Minister of Children

Was washing off glitter,

While the youth guy was posting

Fresh pics on his twitter.

The worship space glowed

With one left-on light

The creche was upturned,

No angels in sight.

Sheep costumes cast off,

Sunday School rooms imploded,

And the kitchen sink with

Empty food trays exploded.

Most seats were now bearing

Newsletters discarded,

While others showed wax drips

From candles unguarded.

Poinsettias were wilting

The live tree was brown,

The wise men were tilting,

The star sagging down.

But the sweet strains of silence

Carried echoes of grace,

From the Scripture and prayers

That had passed in this place.

Of the people who’d gathered

Together to sing

Of the hope of the ages,

This Child born a King.

Of Bethlehem town

And no room for the stranger,

But peace for us all

From a babe in a manger.

This church, like all churches,

The large and the small

Had hosted this Good News

Of love for us all.

Because those who serve

In the ministries there

Had mastered the chaos,

God’s glory was shared.

So celebrate gladly,

You’ve served the Lord well,

You’ve all been a blessing,

Your hearts should be swelled.

And you all should be resting,

Aplop on your keisters,

‘Cause you know in just four months

It’s gonna’ be Easter.

And if that’s not enough for a smile as you recover from the seasonal tumult, here are a couple of other options.

Here is a link to “50 People Who Won Christmas With Their Creative Christmas Tree Ideas” (Stuff that is not a Christmas tree converted to look like a Christmas tree, with thanks to Mark Galli, who originally posted this link.)

Here’s a link to some lovely church Christmas tree decoration ideas from the good folks at Pinterest.

Here’s a link to a Jesus-centered “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” re-imagining.

God bless, Merry Christmas, and see you next year!