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Decision Making

Decision Making We all make decisions. What do I wear? What do I want to eat? Where will I go? Some of them are routine and some of our decisions are life altering. The question is, particularly with the significant decisions, how do we make the best choice? Download Resource Return to member [...]

Action Planning

Action Planning So, you’ve got a great goal with a specific, measurable way to move toward a desired missional outcome. Now what? Goals are helpful but if they only go into the binder on the shelf you never get to where you want to go. The way forward is to construct a plan of action [...]

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills One of the foundational skills of effective leaders is the ability to facilitate a meeting. Whether working with a small group, a class, a ministry team, an event design team, or a governing board the ability to lead a focused a conversation, invite disparate viewpoints, discover the possibilities, determine the best options, and [...]

Empowering Leaders

Empowering Leaders Every congregation wants leaders that bring their gifts and graces to the Kingdom work of making a difference in the lives of disciples and the surrounding community. Likewise, every congregation has persons with the potential to support both individual and corporate growth that are serving well below capacity or are choosing not to [...]


Delegation A leader delegates rather than doing all that has to be done for the ministry to be successful. This goes for the pastor who might feel responsible for preaching all the messages, coordinating all the fellowship events, teaching all the Bible studies, making the coffee for worship hospitality, visiting all the sick and shut-in from [...]

Change Management

Change Management Change is inevitable. And that’s not a bad thing. It is a sign of growth! But change can be hard. What used to work no longer does. No matter how comfortable we were with the things that used to work we either “Change or Die” to quote the title of a book by [...]

Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions Do you want to facilitate transformation in the church? The World? Disciples Lives? Do what Jesus did… Ask questions! Download Resource Return to member area

Listening Skills

Listening Skills Great listening begins with curiosity. Good listening is a skill that can be developed. Imagine the difference we could make if we helped our teachers, small group leaders, leadership team, pastors, and congregation learn to listen well. Download Resource Return to member area


Feedback Constructive feedback is an opportunity to acknowledge insights, perspectives and interpretations. It is also an opportunity to invite those we are in conversation with to consider that there may be an insight, perspective, or interpretation that could also be true and that might bring new understandings that are transformative and life-giving and helpful in [...]

Behavioral Covenents

Behavioral Covenants As disciples we are called not just to know about the love of Jesus but to practice it. We demonstrate that love in the ways we behave. Behavioral Covenants are a tool to help our leadership teams, our committees, our small groups, our mission/service teams, and even our congregations to live into our [...]

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