Community Hangout

By Eddie Pipkin June 23, 2017 When our kids were younger, we were one of those houses that was the neighborhood hangout.  There was always a gaggle of kids splashing in the pool, bouncing happily on the trampoline, or piled up on the couch playing video games.  We liked the idea of being a safe [...]

How to Conversate

By Eddie Pipkin June 16, 2017 In a world with lots of options, one of the things that sets local faith communities apart is the opportunity they provide for the creation of authentic community.  People hunger for deep connections.  And one of the primary sources for the forging of those connections is one-to-one, attentive, in-depth [...]

Free Plants…Psych!

By Eddie Pipkin June 10, 2017 I was walking through a neighborhood of shops recently when I came across a local garden center with this sign posted on the entry gate: “Free Plants for Sale.”  Huh?  They had my attention.  I had to know what they meant, but sadly it was after hours, and I [...]

Subway Celebration

By Eddie Pipkin June 5, 2017 You might have come across the story of the “subway graduation,” Jerich Marco Alcantara’s feel-good tale of a thwarted graduation ceremony which was salvaged by some creative thinking and good-hearted bystanders.  It got me thinking—why can’t the church be more like that?  Creative.  Responsive to the need of the [...]

How Elon Sees the World

By Eddie Pipkin May 26, 2017 I have a 20-something friend who is obsessed with all things Elon Musk.  You will have heard of Mr. Musk, entrepreneur, visionary, multi-billionaire shifter of paradigms: builder of cars, launcher of rockets, digger of tunnels.  This is a guy with a lot of world changing irons in the fire, [...]

Roadside Couch

By Eddie Pipkin May 19, 2017 I have lately been obsessed by couches on the side of the road.  It began as a gag: my son is searching for a house to rent with several friends in the college town where he lives, and he has been hot on the trail of any second-hand furniture [...]

What I Learned on the Bike

By Eddie Pipkin May 10, 2017 This past weekend I went on a long biker ride with some good friends.  It’s a ride we do every year to help raise money for multiple sclerosis research.  This year’s distance was 78 miles, lots of time for fun and for long stretches of thinking.  And along the [...]

The Secrets of Jeep Beach

By Eddie Pipkin May 1, 2017 I spent this past Sunday morning on Daytona Beach with 2,300 other Jeep owners.  It’s called Jeep Beach.  The local Jeep owners club hosts it every year, and not only was it a blast, but it offered some great ministry insights. I own a Jeep Wrangler, as do my [...]

Free Chicken

By Eddie Pipkin April 25, 2017 Free grilled chicken samples!  Who would walk by tasty, mouth-watering, fresh, and did we mention FREE, fresh-off-the-grill chicken samples?  And yet, people do.  It’s almost as unbelievable a situation as the people who walk right by all of the amazing opportunities that our local churches make available for people [...]

Easter Hangover

By Eddie Pipkin April 18, 2017 So, hello ministry friends. Easter has again come and gone, and are you finding yourself refreshed, invigorated, renewed, and excited in the aftermath of Christianity’s Superbowl Sunday – or are you feeling a bit of an Easter hangover? So much happens in the run-up to Holy Week, and Holy [...]

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