Nuns, Chainsaws, and Disaster Response

By Eddie Pipkin September 18, 2017 So, here I am again, writing about churches and disaster response, only this time from a city in which, a week after Irma blew through, there are still some households without power, and the streets of my own neighborhood are lined with large debris piles.  Call it the unexpected [...]

Party in the Moment, Port in a Storm

By Eddie Pipkin August 26, 2017 Last week I was lucky enough to stay with friends in North Georgia to catch the total eclipse.  It was, as advertised, a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular.  Beyond the personal experience of this natural mega-event, I was also interested in the news coverage of the ways that individual communities responded with [...]

The Click That Satisfies

By Eddie Pipkin August 18, 2017 A fancy web page is only as useful as its functionality.  This is not news to you. It’s certainly not news to the billionaire geeks who founded revolutionary platforms like Netflix, but even for them it is possible to forget this simple truth.  You may have seen news about [...]

Loneliness and the Church

By Eddie Pipkin August 11, 2017 I have spent this week home alone.  Other family members have been travelling, and I have had the house to myself, which as a certified introvert, I really enjoy on occasion.  But it also gave me an unexpected perspective when a friend and I got into a conversation about [...]

Comfort, Discomfort, and Millenials

By Eddie Pipkin August 4, 2017 This week at my regular Tuesday morning Bible study, we discussed the balance between “comfort” and “discomfort” for people who have chosen to be a part of local congregations, and the discussion gave me a new insight into the perennial-handwringing-over-what-to-do-about-the-millenials-and-post-millenials which any gathering of ministry leaders eventually finds itself [...]

Not Just Going with the Flow

By Eddie Pipkin July 28, 2017 Downspouts and drains have been on my mind a lot lately.  I had a longstanding issue with water runoff at my house that I decided to tackle earlier this summer.  During our central Florida downpours (sometimes two inches of rain in an hour), the water was not going where [...]

Do You Belong?

By Eddie Pipkin July 21, 2017 On my visit to Oslo, Norway, I was walking across a pedestrian bridge into one of the city’s bright new architecturally exciting neighborhoods, when I noticed a phrase painted on the sidewalk (in Norwegian, but I could parse the meaning).  The words on the sidewalk said: “Could you belong [...]

Downtime is Holy Time

By Eddie Pipkin July 14, 2017 I write this week’s blog as I’m preparing to depart for somewhere else.  A different physical location for sure (one with fjords and Viking ships—and I don’t mean a pavilion at EPCOT), but more importantly, I am on my way to a different state of mind.  Americans work more [...]

Mindful Summer

By Eddie Pipkin July 7, 2017 I write this blog from Butler Beach in northeast Florida.  It’s the height of summer and for many folks in ministry, things slow down a few notches (that is, unless you are a camp director or in charge of summer mission trips or camp—in which case, we are praying [...]

Culture Clash

By Eddie Pipkin June 30, 2017 Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO and central personality, was recently forced to step down, shining a harsh spotlight on his abrasive leadership style.  With the ride share company floundering, one of the primary struggles identified by analysts has been the toxic corporate culture that was widely identified as a direct [...]

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