Shifts Network – General Description

The core resource for this process is the book Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back Into the Game of Effective Ministry.

The Shift 2.0 book is supplemented by an Activation Guide that includes a framework for processing the information presented in Shift 2.0. The guide also includes additional information and tools to provide the most current resourcing available and templates for building goals and action plans.

A companion resource, Shift 2.0 Activation Guide is also available from the store. Your team might find this helpful in exploring the themes. For more information on this resource click here.

Based on the book Shift 2.0, the network provides quarterly training based on exploring the shifts and applying them to your context; works with your leadership to identify key leverage points for moving forward and building goals and plans to actually get there; and supports the process of implementation by regular group coaching and peer learning.

This is a network experience. The network includes several congregations learning together, sharing experiences and situations; encouraging each other; and even providing some accountability in the process.

The network participates in facilitated learning experiences offered in the beginning of each quarter. This facilitated discussion is followed by two months of coaching where a trained (ICF level) coach assists the local church teams in identifying current realities, creating goals, and building/implementing action plans. Coaching is done in groups of four local church teams.

Impact of a Shifts Network:


We believe that congregations are best served as they discover for themselves the practices that most distinctly serve their contexts. Rather than telling you what to do to ‘fix’ things, the coach approach helps you discover the specific practices that will work best for you.

Clearly, not everything a congregation could do – or even should do – will be accomplished in this process. It is intended to provide a framework for discussion, establish starting points for healthy ministry, identify areas for future development, and equip teams to continue the process of transformation in the future.


A comprehensive approach to equipping congregations for effective ministry through insights into best practices, practical tools for implementing the best practices, and examples of congregations modeling effective ministry.  Shift uses a ‘coach approach’ where congregations discover for themselves the practices that will best serve their context.  Rather than ‘telling’ congregations what to do to ‘fix’ things, the coach approach helps congregations discover the practices that will make the greatest impact on healthy ministry. -Download Executive Summary


  • Five on-site training days focused on the systems development themes of:
    • Fellowship to Hospitality
    • Worship:  Event to Lifestyle
    • Membership to Discipleship
    • Self to Others (Service and Generosity)
    • Guide to Success (Goals and Action Plans; Missional Alignment; Leading Change; Community Demographics)
  • Training Materials for all participants to include:
    • Shift:  Helping Congregations Back into the Game of Effective Ministry (book)
    • Tips, Tools, and Activities for Coaching Church Leadership Teams
    • 5 Themed workbooks (professionally designed and printed)
  • Coaching groups led by a professionally trained coach (ICF level training) with extensive, successful ministry experience).  One coaching session (by video conference) for each of the themed sessions.
  • Access to a wide variety of resources through the on-line library and free updates to all training materials.
  • Equipping of Conference/District identified facilitators for leading future Shift networks in partnership with Excellence in Ministry Coaching.


  • Participating congregations receive the highest quality and most current training related to developing healthy, effective church systems.
  • Congregations are coached around developing and implementing goals and action plans to take significant steps forward in each of the  Shift themes.
  • A tested and proven approach to providing measurable increases in missional vital signs including:  Worship participation, Professions of Faith, Participation in Discipleship Groups, and Congregational Giving.  The following summarizes the typical experience:
    • 84% – Improved in 2 or more metrics
    • 46% – Improved in 3 or more metrics
    • 23% – Improved in 4 out of 4 metrics
      (Measurable progress may take 2-3 years to document.  Anecdotal progress will be noted even during the training process)
  • Develops leadership capacity for additional improvement beyond the Network experience.  Leaders discover a wide variety of healthy practices and can only implement a limited number during the network timeframe.  The processing skills developed in the Shift process will serve for future development.
  • Provides leadership development through direct leadership skills training (Action-planning, Leading Change, Demographic Analysis) and the experiences of being coached and accountable.
  • A stronger partnership is developed between the clergy and laity as they learn, plan, implement, and evaluate together.  The congregational Shift team includes the pastor and four key lay leadership persons.  Additional team members may be included with a materials fee upcharge.
  • Increased awareness of a God-sized vision of ministry innovation and community impact.

To bring the Shifts Network process to your Conference/District/Jurisdiction:

Shifts Network (12 churches minimum in a defined geographic area): includes 5 on-site training days over a 13-month period. Network churches participate in coaching calls through scheduled coaching groups during the months between facilitated training sessions.

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