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Guest Follow-Up

Guest Follow-Up Whether or not someone who is a guest at your worship experience returns for a second time or becomes a regular contributing participant in your ministry is largely determined by the experience that person has as your guest and how your congregation engages them following their time with you. This leadership unit will focus on this ‘follow-up’. Download [...]

Invitational Hospitality

Invitational Hospitality We exist to engage our communities and help people discover God’s love for them. Invitational hospitality is the starting point for living into this function. It is all about making relational connections through the ministries of the church out in the community, paying close attention to the activities we engage in and the tools we use to demonstrate [...]

Interpersonal Hospitality

Interpersonal Hospitality Interpersonal Hospitality refers to the level and quality of relational connections within the congregation. This dimension of hospitality reminds us of the value experienced and the support needed through the congregation to create this sense of community. Download Resource Return to member area

Hospitality Survey

Hospitality Survey An exercise for your leaders to assess the level of hospitality demonstrated in the worship experiences of the local congregation. Download Resource Return to member area

Intentional Hospitality

Intentional Hospitality Intentional Hospitality refers to the practices of members and the congregation in making relational connections with people they don’t know. Guiding Principle: People who visit a church return and/or stay connected because they are engaged as friends and feel like they could fit into this congregation. Download Resource Return to member [...]

Creating a Hospitality System

Creating a Hospitality System A Hospitality System is just that: a system that provides intentional expressions of welcome, acceptance, love, caring, connections with believers, and a sense of belonging. A system is a set of interconnecting parts (activities, behaviors) that work together for a common goal. The goal of a hospitality system is to extend to others the warm welcome [...]

Community Interviews

Community Interviews Suggestions for supporting leaders in conducting interviews with community leaders to more deeply understand the needs and opportunities. Download Resource Return to member area

Small Group Leader Training Guide

Small Group Leader Training Guide An introduction to small group ministries and training in the facilitation of small groups. Download Resource Return to member area

Facilities Assessment

Facilities Assessment A simple guide to assessing the sense of welcome for guests in worship through the lens of facility preparation. Download Resource Return to member area

Mystery Worshiper Assessment

Mystery Worshiper Assessment A tool for mystery (anonymous) guests to the worship experience to complete and present to the leadership team for deeper understanding of the worship practices and their impact on guests. Download Resource Return to member area

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