Resources to support the Discipleship Pathway:

A brief introduction to making the shift from making members to making disciples. Readers are introduced to the idea of a journey to maturity with phases of development; the appropriate use of resources for each phase of development; intentional training and accountability.  A great read for leadership and discipleship teams.

A 24 week guide for growing as a disciple with a weekly emphasis on each of the six dimensions of discipleship.  The daily reflections include scripture, theme, action points, and journaling.  Great for both individual use and as a group study/conversation.

This very practical look at making the shifts in local congregations related to the development of healthy systems that support the development of healthy, maturing disciples of Jesus. A must read for every church leadership team!  This material is being used in hundreds of congregations to create healthier systems.

An in-depth personal study of each of the six dimensions of discipleship with reflections on how the theme is both a blessing to others and a blessing to the disciple. The book concludes with some practical understandings of how we live into our calling not only to grow as disciples but to disciple others.  Great for both personal and group study.  A power point, study guide, and facilitator guide are available for small group study.

A brief introduction to what a disciple is and does and how a person grows toward maturity as a disciple. Also presented are insights into the development of a discipleship pathway for a local congregation.  A great study for leadership and discipleship teams.

EMC3 Coaching Staff and Facilitation Partners are available to provide in-depth training (see Virtual Training Events button) and coaching/consultation with discipleship/leadership teams for the design of a Discipleship Pathway.  For more information please contact Dr. Phil Maynard at or 321-217-6007.

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