Having worked with Congregational Developers and District Superintendents for several years, three themes keep bubbling to the surface regarding the congregations they support:

  • Every congregation wants to reach new people but they do not seem to know how to do this.
  • Every congregation knows that it needs a process for intentional discipleship but most settle for simply offering some classes. They do not know how to build an intentional process.
  • Every congregation could do more effective ministry if it had more effective leaders. But few congregations have a process for identifying, developing, and deploying leaders.

Excellence in Ministry Coaching has been working diligently to provide resourcing and training to assist Districts and Conferences in resourcing their congregations.

  • Several Districts around the country have contracted to have the Shift 2.0 themes presented for District gatherings as leadership development to resource pastors. Give your pastors the tools to do church well!
  • A couple of Annual Conferences have arranged to have the Intentional Discipleship Workshop presented in bi-District gatherings across the Conference for pastors and lay persons.  Others have made this resource available through training at satellite locations.  Help your congregations move away from just offering Christian Education to really making disciples.  Bring this solidly Wesleyan approach to discipleship to your Conference or District.
  • Several Conferences have contracted the use of the Real Discipleship Survey for all congregations to support the development of Intentional Discipleship. Why settle for measuring the number of people in small groups when you can actually measure growth as a disciple?
  • Several Conferences have supported networks of local congregations through the Shift 2.0 Networks which include training and coaching of leadership teams. This deep-dive into healthy church systems is a great way to get congregations out of the rut of trying the same things over and over and expecting different results.

How can EMC3Coaching support effective ministry in your context?

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– Transformational Networks

– Real Discipleship Survey