Discipleship Coaching Training

You will:

  • Understand the distinctions between coaching and other partnerships
  • Develop a basic coaching skill set
  • Become proficient with a coaching model for discipleship coaching
  • Learn to utilize a discipleship assessment tool  for working with disciples in your congregation!

dct-coverThis training is designed for congregations hoping to strengthen the process of developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  With a focus on individual development, clear discipleship goals, and personal accountability discipleship coaching is the clear choice for partnering with those in your congregation seeking greater maturity in their discipleship journey!

This training will be led by Dr. Phil Maynard, Dr. Larry Ousley, and Dr. Jim Robey.  All three trainers bring a wealth of personal coaching, ministry coaching, and discipleship coaching experience. They are all coach trainers as well as coaches, providing coach training across the country and around the world.


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