Shift 2.0

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Based on years of research, coaching, and consulting with local congregations, "Shift 2.0" by Phil Maynard provides helpful, practical methods for developing effective ministry.

An exploration of 5 key shifts congregations must make to become vital, effective, and fruitful:

  • From Fellowship to Hospitality
  • From Worship as an Event to Worship as a Lifestyle
  • From Membership to Discipleship
  • From "Serve Us" to Service
  • From "Survival Mentality" to Generosity

What others are saying about this resource…

“relevant…immensely practical” – Paul, Consultant/Coach, MD
“usable and inspiring format” – Larry, pastor, NC
“brings theory and practice together” – Jim, pastor, Ala
“a must read” – Brian, pastor, FL