Membership to Discipleship Book (Digital Version)

Membership to Discipleship: Growing Mature Disciples Who Make Disciples

Membership to Discipleship answers the fundamental questions facing those who would answer Christ’s call to encourage and equip those who would follow: “What behaviors mark the lives of growing disciples?” and “How do we provide the support and tools disciples need if they are going to grow toward maturity?” Based on the best current research and thousands of hours of hands-on work with local congregations, Membership to Discipleship offers a fresh, creative framework for thinking about how the discipleship process works, as well as plenty of hands-on strategies and real-life examples of putting theory into practice.

Understand the stages of discipleship. Rethink and reimagine old strategies for discipleship ministry. Learn to measure what really counts in results-oriented ministry. Get out of the rut of a “one size fits all” approach and embrace the flexibility of helping disciples customize their spiritual journeys, all through the lens of the ‘best practices’ of Christians through the ages. Check out Membership to Discipleship today.

Digital Copy

Phil Maynard has developed an easy to understand model of discipleship growth. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, the life of a disciple is broken down into 6 key areas. Each area allows a person to judge for themselves where they are on a “beginner to mature” scale. It becomes clear when using this model what our next steps to discipleship growth are. Each person, then, develops their own “blueprint” for growth as a disciple. -Alan

I am greatly impressed with the work Phil Maynard has done to offer a thoughtful and methodical approach to creating systematic discipline processes for local congregations. Most of our congregations purchase curricula for children or teens, and book studies for adults, without ever considering what outcomes they intend and how this developmental process will unfold for all we nurture and help to form as Christian human beings. Phil thinks this through and shares his conclusions and recommendations in a clear "charted" fashion in both a book and workbook, as well as a "kit". Get some copies, review them, study them with your discipleship and education leadership, please. - Clay O.