Intentional Discipleship Workshop:

This five-part workshop can be done in either a one-day, six-hour format or a two-day ten-hour format. The latter provides the opportunity for discipleship teams to process the materials more thoroughly and to flesh out a plan for building a discipleship process in their specific context. -View Flyer




Get clarity on what a disciple is, how disciples grow, what kinds of relational support work at different points in the journey and create a core curriculum that helps people reach the vision cast for maturing disciples.  Best of all, discover in fresh new ways the power of John Wesley’s process for growing maturing disciples.

Begin a conversation in your Conference through engagement with the Intentional Discipleship materials from Excellence in Ministry Coaching.  -Download Executive Summary


  • Facilitated presentation of the Intentional Discipleship workshop in each District of the Annual Conference
  • Participant resourcing with graphically designed, full color workbook that includes many of the graphics from the power point and templates to support continuing discussion by discipleship teams in the local church.
  • Facilitated presentation of the Discipleship Coaching training to prepare trainers from each district to train local congregations (optional, but recommended)
  • Prepares facilitators (selected by Districts/Conference) to present the Intentional Discipleship workshop for local congregations
  • Availability of the Membership to Discipleship books for purchase as event pricing
  • Availability of the Membership to Discipleship training kit at event pricing


  • Strengthens the discipleship focus of the Annual Conference by starting a conversation about an intentional process and providing the language for the conversation
  • Encourages local congregations to identify a clear vision for discipleship and a pathway for living into that vision
  • Using contemporary tools and contexts, congregations are encouraged to build a process that is grounded in Wesleyan principles
  • Moves discipleship from a program to a process supported by appropriate relational structures and educational opportunities
  • Supports the local church by providing step-by-step process for building an intentional process of making disciples
  • Provides recommendations for educational support drawn from the best of classical and contemporary resources for growing disciples

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