Becoming a Coaching Leader


It’s no secret that the most effective leaders and leadership teams in congregations and church organizations are often those that are supported by a coach.

Coaching is a powerful relationship where trained coaches assist persons and organizations to design their future through clarifying and focusing on their unique gifts and calling; and creating goals and strategies to achieve this future while improving their flow and ease in all of their lives. Coaching both develops the whole person/team and accomplishes the results they are aiming to achieve. In short, learn to help persons become more fully aliveā€”and guess what, experience shows that coaching students not only learn to help others in their development, but have huge, transformational learning themselves.

Excellence in Ministry Coaching is committed to providing introductory, non-accredited, training for pastors and key lay persons to support the development of effective ministry. Training received may be applicable to a professional coach training program through a sister company.

A couple of options for training are available:

  • Coaching Foundations: A two day introductory level training focused on developing a strong coaching skill set and proficiency in a coaching conversation. This forms the foundation for other coach training options.
  • Becoming a Coaching Leader: this one-day training builds on the Coaching Foundations workshop. It is specifically designed to help pastors apply coaching skills to the local church ministries moving to a coaching model for leadership.
  • Coaching for Transformation: this two-day training is focused on applying coaching skills and a coaching conversation model to the support of leadership teams/pastors working with churches in need of transformation/re-development. Includes an extensive toolkit for assisting congregations in determining their current reality.

EMC3 Coaching is a partner with Coach Training for Leaders (an ICF accredited training program for professional coaches). Credit may be given for one module of the ACC level training program for participants in EMC3 Coaching Foundations. For more information about professional coach training go to

For more information about how to bring this training to your District/Conference click here.