A transformational coaching approach, partnering with your congregation, to develop healthy, growing, effective ministry in your context. Discover all the ways to develop your congregation that you wished they had taught you in seminary! Drawing from 30 years of successful ministry experience, interactions with hundreds of churches, and plethora of tried and true resources, 7 Dimensions gives you the tools and a transformational coach to partner with you as you live into your congregation’s potential.

Benefits of the 7 Dimensions process:

  • A comprehensive process for developing systems for effective ministry within the local congregation.
  • A Coaching approach to Congregational Development which focuses on the needs, context, and priorities of the local congregation.
  • Introductory training for each dimension to bring clarity around the primary purpose for development.
  • Overview of best practices to support the development of each dimension.
  • A wide variety of assessment tools to provide more objective insights into the needs in the development process.
  • Prepared forms and planning guides are provided.
  • Specific training materials for leadership development are provided.
  • A strong focus on strategic planning with the development of missional outcomes, goals, and action plans.
  • Support for pastors along with accountability for the implementation of action plans through group coaching.
  • Peer learning is accomplished as pastors engage with one another and discover new ways of doing ministry.
  • Dedicated website resource page for coaches/facilitators.
  • Equips/provides a clear process for future congregational development.

    For information about being a part of this 14-month transformative process, contact Dr. Phil Maynard, Director Excellence in Ministry Coaching (321/217-6007; coachdrphil@gmail.com)