Guest Blog by Rev. Dr. Candace Adams

The act of embarking on a journey is often marked with anticipation and excitement.  There is something about an adventure that naturally stirs us out of our complacency.  In the midst of these challenging times, we are able to engage in a meaningful journey of faith.

When a person prepares for a journey, he or she takes into consideration at least three factors:  gear, guide, and goal.  Typically, a person asks him or herself these questions:  “Do I have the essential gear?”, “Do I have a qualified guide? and “Do I have a clear goal?”  The appropriate gear, guide, and goal are necessary for a successfully journey.    

Our spiritual wellness is a journey rather than a destination.  The soul is not stagnant. Our spiritual health requires us to assess our gear – what spiritual disciplines/practices do we utilize?  Imagine an individual who goes to Cabela’s and he or she purchases the latest outdoor equipment.  He or she may dress the part but have little to no wilderness experience.  Similarly, a person may exhibit all of the right spiritual gear (prayer, Bible reading, meditation, worship, etc.) and still lack a meaningful and intimate relationship with God. 

How can a person know if he or she has the right equipment for his or her spiritual journey?  There are a lot of different spiritual tools available.  What makes one tool better than another?  The spiritual tools that are best are those that position a person to connect with God.  It isn’t about a particular spiritual discipline/practice. Rather it is essential to find what spiritual wellness tools through the Holy Spirit enable a person to grow his or her relationship with God. 

Although our spiritual wellness journey is a solo trek, it is not independent; rather it is community based.  We need guides to help us navigate difficult and unknown terrain.  Guides are spiritual friends, spiritual directors, mentors, spiritual wellness coaches, etc.  These persons are vital along the journey. 

The best “gear” and “guide” is not a clear indication of a person’s overall well-being.  Therefore, it is critical to learn how to evaluate the condition of a person’s spiritual health.  How can a person accurately evaluate his or her spiritual wellness?  One way is to participate in a spiritual wellness journey workshop on Friday, November 20.  This virtual workshop will position participants to accurate evaluate their spiritual condition.  Attendees will consider what spiritual gear best suits their unique relationship with God. If you would like more information, please contact Rev. Dr. Candace Adams at   

Each person’s spiritual wellness journey is unique.  No two individuals have identical relationships with God and others.  Every human being has a different style/technique which he or she uses to nurture and cultivate his or her relationship with God.  The methodology is distinct but the goal is the same – to connect deeply with God.  Celebrate your spiritual wellness journey; it is a great adventure!