Coaching Foundations Module

Coaching Foundations Module This module provides you with the foundational skills and principles you need to build an effective coaching strategy.

Missional Alignment Module

Missional Alignment Module Overview This module will introduce you to skills and techniques for developing a unified ministry vision and bringing it to fruition.  It is extremely difficult to move forward in ministry without a clear concept of exactly where you are intending to go.  Many churches proceed in a disorganized fashion with competing priorities [...]

Who Am I

This is the overview material for the Who Am I? module.

FIT For Ministry

This training module will help you identify your FIT for ministry (where you best fit in for service as a uniquely equipped follower of Christ). Try it below for FREE! To find your unique fit, we will explore three ideas which define the ways in which you will serve Christ.  These ideas are form, intensity, [...]

From Fellowship to Hospitality

The Christian faith is a relational faith.  We are called to be in relationship with God, with each other, and with the community around us that God loves so much. This module of the Developing Healthy Church Systems course will explore the need to shift from fellowship in our congregations to an emphasis on the [...]

Ministry Skills Course

Course Overview This course is designed to help you develop practical ministry skills.

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