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Dr. Phil Maynard has served as Director, Path 1 Coaching Network (Discipleship Ministries) Director, Excellence in Ministry Coaching ( and Director, Coach Training for Leaders ( Before taking an early retirement to enter a full-time ministry of coaching, consulting, and training, Phil served as Director of Congregational Excellence for the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.Phil is a certified coach , an Endorsed coach (UMEA), a certified Conflict/Mediation Coach, and licensed trainer/facilitator. Phil is a graduate of Duke Divinity School (M.Div & Th.M); University of Kansas (M.S. Ed); and Drew (D.Min). He is a contributing author for the Transform One resource (ChurchSmart) and author of: Discovering the Possibilities, SHIFT, Tips, Tools & Activities, Foundations, Discipleship Coach Training Workbook, Real Discipleship Survey/Personal Report, Membership to Discipleship.

The Inverse Square Law of Relationships

June 10, 2014 By Phil Maynard My first career was in Radiologic Sciences (X-ray technology). One of the basic principles in calculating x-ray intensities (or lighting in photography) is called the inverse square law:   When you double the distance, the intensity of the x-ray beam becomes one-fourth of the original intensity. I have found [...]

Bigger Than Refreshments…

May 30, 2014 By Phil Maynard I recently had a coaching conversation with a church leadership team that has made a serious commitment to extending radical hospitality.  Their planning has finally paid off in that just a few weeks ago a hospitality team launched their first ever ‘hospitality center’ where coffee and refreshments were available [...]

Helping Make the Way Clear

March 12, 2014 By Phil Maynard The Psalmist talks about God’s Word as a lamp for our feet and a light upon our path (Psalm 119:105). It’s a great image for making the way clear! Our leaders need partners to help make the way clear as they seek to fulfill their responsibilities. Its time the [...]

Leadership Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

March 5, 2014 By Phil Maynard Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are several factors that will help determine whether the leaders you select will be successful. This means that there are several things churches and pastors can do to create an environment that empowers leaders. Let me make some suggestions: Responsibility: leaders need [...]

Selecting Leaders for Ministry

February 26, 2014 By Phil Maynard Selecting Leaders for Ministry It is often said that the key to leadership is getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats on the bus. I think there is much truth to this. But how do you know if you are getting the right people [...]

Growing Spiritually Mature Leaders

  February 19, 2014 By Phil Maynard Jesus once warned about building a house on a poor foundation.  Nowhere is this issue more obvious than when we have leaders in place without the foundations to sustain them through the shifting sands of ministry leadership. It is frequently the case in selecting congregational leaders that we [...]

Multiplying Congregational Leaders

January 15, 2014 By Phil Maynard Almost every where I go pastors indicate that one of the top two needs in the congregation is more and better leaders. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at some key components for developing a system for multiplying congregational leaders. The storyboard below gives an overview [...]

A Powerful Tool for Hospitality – Your Website

December 26, 2013 By Phil Maynard Did you know that as many as 90% of people looking for a place to worship will visit the website of a church before making a decision to attend?   The website of the church is today’s equivalent of an advertisement in the yellow pages a decade or two [...]

Thoughts for a Season of Hospitality…

December 19, 2013 By Phil Maynard Consider the following. …It’s a familiar story lived out in many congregations across the United States. Someone is in crisis, a couple has their first child, or a family moves to the area. They decide to attend the church down the street.  They don’t know anyone, so they arrive [...]

Nothing Beats the Personal Invitation

December 13, 2013 By Phil Maynard Don’t miss the opportunity of the Christmas Season.  This is one of three or four times a year (seasonally) when people are most open to an invitation to church. It’s no secret.  Most churches (somewhere around 80%) are plateaued or in decline when it comes to participation in worship.  [...]

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