Good Intentions

by Eddie Pipkin Image by tookapic from Pixabay Last week’s blog episode referenced a podcast from Hidden Brain.  This week you get a referral to the Freakonomics universe.  An April podcast from the minds that explore weird connections in the world of economics focused on the impacts of unintended consequences.  In the ministry [...]

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The Brainstorm Bergschrund

by Eddie Pipkin Image by Katja Riedel from Pixabay Ministry leadership groups love to brainstorm ideas.  One of the most popular activities among those who are sketching out their vision for the coming year is to get a bunch of people together in a room with a big whiteboard or a bunch of [...]

The Brainstorm Bergschrund2024-06-06T09:17:45-04:00


by Eddie Pipkin Image by Storme from Pixabay I have a great yard, a Central Florida acre that features some fruit trees, plenty of flowers, and assorted colorful tropical landscape plants.  I tend this flora for the serenity of it.  I'm a p