After working with hundreds of congregations around the country it has become clear that
there is a wide gap between training provided in seminary and the practical knowledge and
skills needed to effectively lead a local congregation. The 7 Dimensions process seeks to close
this gap with very practical instruction and tools to support the pastor/leadership team in the
local context. It could be titled: Everything I wish I had learned in Seminary!

While the brochure below highlights the general process, it is a flexible process focused on the
needs and abilities of the local congregation. For example, rather than a two-month cycle for
training and coaching, some networks are just focusing on a selected dimension until they are
comfortable moving to the next. Others are picking and choosing dimensions that will be most
helpful and working with one for a year at a time. The coaching approach provides this
flexibility with the focus being the needs of the local congregation.

While the very practical training provided is a mainstay of the process, the unique approach of
7 Dimensions is to equip the pastors to lead the training and processing in the local context. In
addition to providing all materials for training, the pastor is provided access to significant
supporting content including resource books, congregational surveys, assessment tools, sample
documents, and templates. It is truly an amazing array of resources!

EMC3 Coaching provides training for facilitators/coaches in Conferences/Districts/Judicatory
Leaders to then serve as trainers in that context.